Youth & Children Summer Opportunities

Summer Opportunities for youth & Children

For more information or to sign up for any of our Summer offerings, please contact Felicia Cole, Director of Children & Youth Ministries.


2021 Summer Travel Packet

We want you to feel blessed and loved, no matter where you are!  Click here to download our Summer Travel Packet.  It's a simple addition to any travel plans, the pages are full of questions to keep family communication open (and screen time lessened, if you want).  There's also some old-fashioned traveling games to keep everyone talking and laughing together!


Family Friendly, Parish Wide Social

We're hosting three different Parish Social to help kickoff that sweet, summertime feeling!  Our family friendly social will be Friday, June 4th from 5:30pm-7:00pm.  We're hosting our first ever plant party!  Come socialize and hangout while we spend a little time making succulent planters(we'll have some smaller planters ready for the littles).  Sign up for this Parish Social here!



Will You Be My Neighbor?- Youth Missions Summer Series

We are so excited to be able to offer a missions experience this Summer!  All middle and high school friends are invited to come alongside us throughout the Summer for our local missions series:  Won't You Be My Neighbor? led by Felicia Cole and Father Matt Addington.
We'll be volunteering with a different, local non-profit each time including Out of the Garden Project, The Servant Center, Abundant Life Ministries and more! Each day will also hold valuable learning and community-building experiences such as a Poverty Simulation or daily "debriefs" and reflections. We'll gather each morning, at St. Francis, at 9am. Our "ending" time will vary based on our afternoon activity!
Tuesday- June 22nd- 9am-9pm
This day will include morning meditation, a viewing and discussion of "Living On A Dollar",
serving with Abundant Life Ministries, and a Grasshoppers Game at 6:30pm!
 Reserve your spot by clicking here!
Thursday, July 15th-9am-6pm
Morning Meditation, serving with The Servant Center, and going to the International Civil Rights Museum
Monday, July 26
Details coming soon!
Tuesday, August 10th-9am
Morning Meditation, serving with an Out of the Garden Project's Mobile Market, and more!

Fishing For Faith

Our Summer Formation offering is family friendly!  We'll be offering Fishing For Faith on the first Wednesday of the month in July, August, and September.  Have you ever had questions about the church or your faith?  Wonder why the priests wear fancy robes on Sunday?  Are you unsure of where Dinosaurs come into the mix?  How old is St. Francis Church?  Who were cool women in The Bible?  This is your chance to ask those questions!


Join us for fun and fishbowls, on the first Wednesday of July, August, and September from 5:30pm-6:15pm.


Science Center Outings

We are so lucky to have a very sweet donor who would like to help make sure our families get to experience all the new and usual awesome things The Science Center has to offer this Summer!   And the best part, they want to help make sure you experience it for free!   We'll have two seperate offerings, one for children and families and one for our youth.  Check below to see the dates and to sign up.  Please register by June 20th so we can get an accurate number of tickets.


Families Sign Up Here


Youth Sign Up Here


VBS Compassion Camp - In-Person and Online Options

We'll be participating in Compassion Camp! It's an amazing curriculum that helps connect children with the ways of compassion and empathy in their community.  We're excited to be offering an in-person and virtual version this year!
Our in person offering will be July 28th from 9am-12pm-Register Here
Our in-person VBS cost is $20 per child
At this time, we only have 22 in-person spots for children.
We will increase this number as the NC Diocese allows.
Our online offering will be August 4th-6th from 9am-12pm-Register Here
If your family is in need of a scholarship or if you have any general questions, please contact Felicia Cole at

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