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Thank you for your interest in SFDS! We have been entrusted with Greensboro’s children since 1967 and take our responsibility seriously. Our parish views our school as a significant outreach program to the community.  We promise to serve your family with an attitude of respect.  Your children will learn through play and discovery and will be valued for the people they are. This school year may look a bit different but we have the health and safety of our students, families, and staff at heart.

The prices below are shown as monthly costs. Children should be class age by August 31 of the current school year.



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Class Assignments & Admissions:


Please be aware that teacher assignments are based upon enrollment. Parents may request a particular teacher, but no guarantee can be made. The director will balance the classes by size, gender, and school readiness.


It is best to talk to your child about getting ready for school in general terms. Please do not reference a teacher’s name, a particular classroom or specific friends that you assume will be in the class. Children should be class age by August 31 of that school year.


Expectations by Class

  • Twos must be able to sit in a chair independently, remain sitting at mealtimes and recognize adults as authority figures. The toilet training process begins at home during this year.
  • Threes must be able to stand and walk in a line, wash hands with soap, remain sitting at circle time, and keep manipulatives on trays. The student is toilet trained but might need occasional assistance.
  • Fours and Fives must be completely toilet trained, walk up and down the hallway to the restrooms independently, and participate in circle time.


Play Time


Refund Policy:


Children are expected to be enrolled for an entire school year. If you should move out of Guilford County or need to withdraw for any other reason, you must notify the school in writing four weeks prior to the withdrawal date. Tuition accrues regardless of attendance.  If a tuition refund is due, it will be mailed to your new address. Registration fees are not refundable.


Waiting List:


This list will begin as soon as a class becomes full. Priority on the list is as follows:

  • Church members have priority over non-members who were not enrolled.
  • Siblings of children who have attended St. Francis Day School.
  • The Director may use discretion in balancing the class.



  • Fire Safety Visit
  • A Time to Play
  • Drive to St. Francis
  • A Time to Harvest
  • A Time to Swing
  • A Time to Learn
  • A Time to Exercise
  • A Time to Worship
  • A Time to Eat
  • A Time to Explore
  • A Time to Share
  • A Time to Dance
  • A Time to Build



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