Family Ministries

Family Ministries

Families from every life station, in every shape and size, call St. Francis home. We have a growing number of family ministry opportunities, from informal evening fellowship dinners to parenting classes. Please contact The Rev. Matthew Addington.


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Past Offerings:


Fishing for Faith

Our Summer Formation offering is for adults & families. All are welcome. We'll be offering Fishing For Faith on the first Wednesday of the month in July, August, and September. Have you ever had questions about the church or your faith? Wonder why the priests wear fancy robes on Sunday? Are you unsure of where Dinosaurs come into the mix? How old is St. Francis Church? Who were cool women in The Bible? This is your chance to ask those questions!


Plant Party

Family Night Gathering

Our next Family Night Gathering, geared toward families with young children, is being planned. Details will be forthcoming.


Family Night


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