A Deacon’s Reflection: Seeing the Sacred – Celtic Christian Wisdom and Spirituality for Today

By The Rev. Deacon Joe Dzugan   I remember fondly, or at least I do now, my mother often telling me after I was not able to locate different items she would ask me to get for her, and after I constantly would ask her, “Where is it?“: “Joe, I do not understand why you could not find it, it was right under your nose.” At those times in my childhood, I just figured I did not have my mother’s way of seeing.   In this Deacon’s Reflection, I invi... Read More
Posted by Mark Hamby at Jun 22

Coming Clean: The Great Burnout of 2022

by Felicia Coleman June 15th, 2022   It was a defining moment in my life. I was a junior in college. Before class started, I was chatting with some friends and we were comparing who had gotten the least sleep that week. I “won” with nine hours over the span of three days. Once the professor commanded the attention of the room, we all turned to face the front as if we had just had the most casual “the weather is lovely today” type of conversation. I thought a... Read More
Posted by Mark Hamby at Jun 15

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