2022 Costa Rica

2023 Costa Rica Mission Exchange


2023 Costa Rica Mission Exchange

2023 Mission Exchange


Update from Father Milton and Father Matt:


All these photos are from our last day! We are sad to leave but if we don't leave we can never come back! Pura Vida! We had one final meal together in Costa Rica. We will be back!


Monkey in Costa RicaSome Beach Time in Costa Rica

SlothCosta Rica Mission Team with new friends

Sunset in Costa RicaFinal meal together in Costa Rica




Update from Father Milton and Father Matt:


Today was a work day at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church, Limon, CR. Re-plastering walls and grouting tile. We came we saw…we hammered, laid tile, and spread cement and grout…it was a good day! The Children at the Day School at St. Marks enjoyed their time in P.E. class. We put a second coat of cement and grout on we ate and we went back home to San Jose.


2023 SF Mission TeamCement work by the SF Pro Team

Teamwork in Costa RicaDinerDetailed grout work by a PRO team member!A job well done!

Working away in Costa RicaFather Milton Joins the group!

St. Marks Day School PE Time



Update from Father Matt:


It was a glorious day! St. Marks in Limon celebrated Youth Sunday and the Bishop's visit! After a delicious lunch, two of the three Amigas went out on a ledge to get a group photo.  We then went on a tour where we learned about the history of indigenous, afro-Caribbean, and Spanish in Costa Rica. Our guide is a resident historian and activist. By the end of the tour, Pat needed ice cream, and desperate times require desperate measures!


Church in LimonCosta Rica Historical Tour

Father Matt Sermon at St. MarksSt. Marks Episcopal Church



Group in Costa RicaPat & Ice Cream 



Update from Father Matt:


We were fed well this morning and then traveled to Limon. 


Breakfast before travelingTraveling to Limon


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